What is ANVIL?

ANVIL is an evangelical and Anglican journal of theology and mission.  It exists to encourage clear and creative thinking and practice in theology and mission, through open, scholarly debate.  ANVIL seeks generously and intelligently to resource today’s Church and tomorrow’s.

ANVIL is a journal which aims to inform and inspire:

  • constructive engagement with other Christian traditions both within and beyond the Anglican Communion
  • opinion formers, leaders and mission practitioners
  • the bridging of gaps and enabling of dialogue between scholars, readers and practitioners in both traditional and emergent streams
  • the provision of the latest academic thinking to practitioners

Our most recent front coverHow do I read ANVIL?

ANVIL is published twice yearly (March & September) by De Gruyter Open. The journal is ‘open access’ meaning that it is free to read and download.  Go to the De Gruyter site now to read the current issue: www.degruyter.com/view/j/anv